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Right now. We're raising money for DEATH BY CHOCOLATE, a rollicking-sad fairy tale about childhood dreams and the terror of being in love. Told with found objects moving in and out of what reductionist critics might call 'a surreal puppet landscape' but which open minded dreamers like yourselves will recognize as 'life' D.B.C. is a quick dip in the cold ocean that will launch our company.


In Brooklyn, NY this time. Our future projects will take us (and maybe some of you) to Berlin, Estonia, Istanbul, Galway, Los Angeles, Prague, and Argentina.


We asked ourselves this same question. Who needs another production company? The world is on fire, the oceans are rising, and half of us can't even eat pizza anymore. So what's the point? That right there *is* the point, friends. We need these stories now more than ever. Not the big blockbuster escapes. The little hourly nap that refreshes and renews.


For information on how to contribute and join the project, contact:

check out our first offering:

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: the fundraiser
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